Equality Policy    

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Sellyournudephotosforcash.com respects the equality of individuals and races, and as well as all applicable international and US legislation.


For us every human being is equal as an individual and customer irrespectively her physical appearance, race or sexual orientation.


Our ability to buy photos is entirely based on the current demand of photos in the commercial and visual adult market we supply. Our guidelines for models

and different service lines for models with different physical characteristics are created to serve in the best possible way all our customers, and potential

models, regardless of race, sexual orientation or physical appearance. Our guidelines for models reflect always the current demand situation, and may change

over time, if the market demand changes.


Clearly, we do not have any realistic opportunity to buy photos from every individual, or offer the same price to every individual, irrespectively of her

physical appearance. However, despite of this business fact, we respect and treat every individual as an equal and valuable human being irrespectively

her physical appearance, race and sexual orientation.


By having clear guidelines and different service lines available reflecting our demand, we aim to serve all our customers in the best possible way.

We respect all our site visitors equal human value as well as their time. Without clear guidelines concerning the physical appearance in demand, many people

would waste their time and get false expectations. At the same time, many women with earning possibilities, would not know they have the looks it

takes to earn by selling their photos.


Our service line differentiation serves the needs of running the photo agency business in the efficient and profitable way. In the end of the day, the profitable

business model serves best also those models who do not have the physical characteristics we have most in demand. In long run, more profitable business

gives us better opportunities to buy some photos and videos also from less main stream models.


The service line differentiation also saves time of all our web site visitors. It gives potential models a clear understanding of what kind of looks one needs to have

to be able to sell photos we have currently in demand. This clear messaging serves equally those who have the physical characteristics needed, and those

who do not have them.


Our model guidelines or service line differentiation do not represent in any way any denial of every person´s equal value or opportunities as a human being.

We buy and sell photos and videos exclusively based on the market demand, not on the basis of sexual orientation, race or other secondary aspects of

human beings.